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  • Honoka Yukishiro (10.00)
  • Mio Sakamoto (10.00)
  • Sharo Kirima (10.00)
  • Charuni Kusakabe (9.67)
  • Tetora Bouhatei (9.50)
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  • Ruiko Saten (326)
  • Iwasawa (193)
  • C.C. (147)
  • Holo (113)
  • Sakura Kinomoto (110)
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  • Choi Mochimazzui (10)
  • Yui Hirasawa (5)
  • Sharo Kirima (10)
  • Honoka Yukishiro (10)
  • Sailor Lead Crow (10)
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Sizzling Summer

by Panadero - July 1, 2014 11:45:57 AM MST

Summer is now in full swing, and being somebody who hates the heat, I'm making the best of it by working on site updates. This holiday week brings thirty eight new characters from six different series to the site. Let's introduce them, shall we?

First we have A Little Snow Fairy Sugar, a series in the 'cute' vein, but hailing from before moe was really a thing, so it was interesting to see how it carried itself. There were times where the art was very off model, but when it looked good, it was effective in conveying the cuteness - particularly the adorable Sugar - and it did a good job of delivering the feels near the end.

Second is Blue Seed, a fun action/drama series from the 90s, with all of the style and conventions from that period. A teenage girl has the power to stop encroaching creatures called Aragami from destroying Japan, but that power may only manifest itself by her becoming a human sacrifice.

Third, we have the moe slice of life series Is the Order a Rabbit?, which actually didn't reel me in until the second episode, but I was hooked afterward. Stuff like this is my drug of choice, and I've been head over heels for Sharo ever since.

Fourth, we have Nanana's Buried Treasure, which could have been an amazing series if it went longer than eleven episodes and didn't consist of at least half a dozen juicy plot points begging to be fully addressed. On a man-made island, a group of individuals attempts to find various powerful treasures and deal with all of the shadowy pasts and shifting loyalties you can throw a stick at - until it ends literally right at a teaser for more. UGH!

Fifth, we have the amazing Nodame Cantabile, about the developing relationship between a musical genius (and all-around jerk) with a dream of becoming a conductor and a misfit piano playing girl with incredible but unpolished skill. The series made me actually care about classical music because of the way it weaved itself around the lead protagonists. Definitely recommended.

Sixth is Yowamushi Pedal, a show I only started watching because my bike-loving friend recommended it to me. The story of a nerdy freshman cajoled into joining the bicycle club when his plans for an anime club fall through clicked pretty quickly for me even though I usually shy away from the standard shounen formula. Now I can't wait until October to start watching season two.

Update wa Pretty Massive

by Panadero - June 8, 2014 6:36:58 PM MST

486 episodes. 10 series. 15 movies. And this update is already technically out of date. This is the reason why I've barely put out any substantial updates for the last seven months. Tonight, I bring you the largest single update the site has ever seen: 101 girls from the Pretty Cure franchise. It's been clear for a while now that Pretty Cure is a license for Toei to print money, and I can understand why: As far as traditional magical girl shows go in this day and age, Pretty Cure is the cream of the crop.

Because a franchise this large deserves an update just as large, I'll list my quick thoughts on each series, as well as my immediate favorite characters and if applicable, 'slow burner' characters which took me a while to fully appreciate.

Pretty Cure/Pretty Cure Max Heart
I really liked the focus on physical brawling with magic only used to finish enemies off. I'm convinced that Nagisa and Honoka are the most physically strong of all the Cures.
Favorite character: Honoka/Cure White (#1 favorite overall)
Slow burner: Hikari/Shiny Luminous

Pretty Cure Splash Star
I get the feeling this was the least popular of all the series, if Saki and Mai's minimal presence in the All Stars movies is anything to go by.
Favorite character: Mai/Cure Egret

Yes! Precure 5/Yes! Precure 5 GoGo!
I fell in love with this cast pretty quickly. It felt like there was a good balance of personalities and the sequel series really added texture to them. I also appreciated the hints (but no more than hints) of potential romance.
Favorite characters: Nozomi/Cure Dream, Urara/Cure Lemonade
Slow burner: Komachi/Cure Mint

Fresh Precure
The different style and proportions of the girls took a bit of getting used to, but I settled in soon enough. Too bad the cast didn't feel particularly strongly written.
Favorite character: Inori/Cure Pine
Slow burner: Love/Cure Peach

Heartcatch Precure
Definitely my favorite series and accompanying movie. I loved the art style and narrative direction they went with, and Erika steals every scene she's in. I have an unhealthy fondness for her.
Favorite character: Erika/Cure Marine (#2 favorite overall)
Slow burner: Tsubomi/Cure Blossom

Suite Precure
I only began to truly appreciate this series while I was reflecting on it after having completed it. Hibiki and Kanade's arguments were annoying at the beginning, but I understood the point of them. Hibiki is also the first jock of the entire franchise who is my favorite character in a series.
Favorite character: Hibiki/Cure Melody
Slow burners: Ako, Siren

Smile Precure!
Just like with the Yes! cast, I immediately liked this set of characters, and in my amateur opinion, they were better written to boot. My taste in characters is even consistent with their color assignments in relation to the Yes! cast.
Favorite characters: Miyuki/Cure Happy, Yayoi/Cure Peace
Slow burner: Nao/Cure March

Dokidoki! Precure
This series broke the A/B pattern of 'good (A) followed by not quite as good (B)' (with sequels lumped in with originals) for me with a second A. It sometimes felt a little too rushed with story content, but I enjoyed it.
Favorite characters: Rikka/Cure Diamond, Regina
Slow burner: Alice/Cure Rosetta

The [Note]book, the Pad, and the Punny

by Prince Io - June 2, 2014 8:45:31 PM MST

Yes, after a (yet another) long hiatus, I'm back and have brought with me 12 new characters in need of votes. First, we have 4 characters from the immensely enjoyable series Death Note, a story about shinigami, serial killing, detective work, and cat and mouse rivalries. I always had interest in seeing Death Note but had never gotten around to it. Now, I'm really glad I did. L is certainly one of the most unique and fascinating characters I've encountered in a long time. What really sells the show for me, however (besides Misa-misa of course <3), is the back and forth one-upsmanship between L and Light. The chains of logic and reasoning they both use against each other are extraordinary and seeing them outdo each other and not being able to say anything about it is incredibly fun. Really a great series.

Next, there's Heaven's Memo Pad, a show based off a story arc from a series of light novels. It revolves around a student, Narumi, who winds up joining the NEET Detective Club, an organization comprised of a small group of NEETs and headed by a brilliant 12-13 year old shut-in with a taste for leeks, teddy bears, and Dr Pepper. Being just an excerpt from the larger world of the light novels, I felt a little unhappy that certain characters, namely Alice, the aforementioned hikikomori, didn't have much of any backstory about them, but to be fair, there really isn't much that can be done in a short introductory story arc. Regardless, the series is entertaining and the character interplay, especially between Alice and Narumi, is adorable.

Lastly, there's Joshiraku, a slice-of-life, eccentric series about 5 rakugo performers, brought to you by Koji Kumeta, the same guy who created Sayonara, Zetsubo Sensei. That alone should tell you what kind of sense of humor Joshiraku has -- rapid, punny, pop-culture filled, and often somewhat esoteric. Even though I didn't catch all of the jokes (either from ignorance or the sheer speed of delivery) I still really enjoyed the characters (Teto, Kigu, and Gankyo being my crushes) and the extremely random conversations they had. For a fun bit of eccentricity, I'd recommend it.

Also, new poll! At long last! Enjoy picking your favorite and voting on the new ladies!

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