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  • Sharo Kirima (9.23)
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  • Honoka Yukishiro (9.13)
  • Kuroyukihime (9.11)
  • Kosaki Onodera (8.78)
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  • Ruiko Saten (327)
  • Iwasawa (197)
  • C.C. (151)
  • Holo (120)
  • Sakura Kinomoto (110)
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  • Yume Kikuchi (10)
  • Runa Morikawa (10)
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  • Sanae Dekomori (10)
  • Sharo Kirima (10)
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I May Be Sick, but Not of Making Updates

by Panadero - November 12, 2014 4:16:57 PM MST

I may be home sick from work, but that just gives me more time to work on entries for the site. Today we have six new series and a new character added to an existing series.

Ai Mai Mi is a madcap, three-minute-per-episode, two-series-long story about the ridiculous and surreal situations three manga club girls get themselves into. I get the feeling that a lot of jokes and references went over my head, but it was a fun diversion in nice bite-sized chunks.

Dream Eater Merry, about dream demons and their interactions with the real world and dream world, didn't quite live up to my expectations (particularly given its budget was clearly limited). Focusing on a dream demon named Merry who inexplicably ends up in the real world and a boy's attempts to help her find her way back, I still enjoyed it, but I admittedly have a weakness when it comes to themes centered around dreams.

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet similarly didn't quite live up to expectations, despite its writing pedigree. It tells the story of a militaristic space fighter who gets thrown onto an Earth that looks primitive to him, forcing him to adapt to its residents' lifestyles and philosophies. The art and animation are a real treat - not to mention the girls are impossibly cute. I'm looking forward to see what the OAV is like.

Kanamemo is a moe slice of life series based on a four panel comic. The crew is a motley bunch, including an elementary school girl more responsible than any adult, a money-grubbing ronin, lesbian lovers, and a lolicon college student. It was an interesting mix of ecchi elements and pure innocent sweetness, which I enjoyed despite not being clear on exactly who the intended audience is.

Texhnolyze is quite possibly the most depressing series I've ever seen, and that includes various other famous downers within anime. In a dystopian underground city where lives are cheap but mechanical replacements for body parts are not, a man gets caught up in a power struggle between three groups. Throw in a reclusive group of mystics guided by a girl who can see the future, more death scenes than you can imagine, and Yoshitoshi ABe's cold character design, and it's nearly oppressively grim - yet I still might recommend it to those willing to give its observations about humanity a chance.

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou is a romantic comedy/drama that is better than it almost deserves to be. Like many, I was initially repelled by the spectre of a guy in a dormitory tasked with tending to a girl so helpless she can't even dress herself. What we find instead is what amounts to a situational comedy that explores the consequences of extreme talent - both for the one possessing that talent as well as for those around that person. While flirting with harem cliches it never really gives in to it, and many potentially risque scenes end up setups for important character development. Don't be fooled by the wretched marketing material that makes it sound like a salacious series. It has real substance.

Lastly, I've added Rouka Numachi from Hanamonogatari to the Monogatari Series entry. The deconstruction of all the Monogatari characters continues, and I can't wait for Yotsugi's arc over New Year's!

Technology and Faith and Love, Oh My!

by Panadero - October 8, 2014 7:22:13 PM MST

Tonight's update features a veritable grab-bag of differing genres and themes for your pleasure. Let's get right down to it, shall we?

First we have the somewhat recent Accel World, about a social outcast's introduction into a dangerous yet fulfilling virtual game. I daresay I enjoyed it more than Sword Art Online even if its ambitions didn't seem as grand, and the fact that its harem aspects are more muted in comparison to SAO's overbearing Kirito worship is a big point in its favor.

Next we have Chrono Crusade which I finally got around to watching, and now I'm kicking myself in the butt for not having watched it back when it came out. At once humorous, serious, and touching, it hits all the right notes for a really good time.

Then we have the interesting Gasaraki, a mech show set in a world in which bipedal machines are used and managed by various competing entities. This show more than ever convinced me that Sunrise doesn't do 'mech shows' so much as it does shows about the human experience which are framed with giant robots. I absolutely loved the aspects regarding global politics, information warfare, and the like, but ultimately felt like the supernatural aspects were tacked on and unnecessary.

Fourth, we have the romance series Itazura na Kiss, about which I am of two minds. While the setup was interesting and I loved many of the characters, the fact that the male lead was such an unrepentant jackass irritated me to no end. He was rude to nearly everybody - ESPECIALLY the female lead, except for the specific moments the plot required him to be nice so she would keep following him around with puppy dog eyes. It ultimately soured me on the series despite how good the supporting cast was.

Fifth is the seemingly forgotten Kurau: Phantom Memory, a Bones series from the time they were churning out hit after hit. I'm a huge Bones fan from this time period but for some reason this series, involving a species of alien beings and their interactions with humans - primarily Kurau - slipped by me back when it aired. While not the best of their work from that time period, it still packed a good emotional punch for me.

Sixth is another romance series - Namely Lovely Complex, focusing on a taller-than-average girl developing feelings for her best friend, a shorter-than-average boy. Given the series builds off that concept rather than it being the entirety of the show, I found it to be a wonderful experience from beginning to end, and there wasn't one character I didn't like. Plus, everybody speaks in Kansai-ben, which really satisfied my Kansai-ben fetish. I already miss the show.

Lastly, we have the recently completed Magica Wars, a four-minute-per-episode Gainax series about magical girls who are personifications of the various areas from which they hail. At such a short length, it served as a good appetizer for longer anime during watching sessions, but ultimately is the kind of throwaway series you forget about when you're done. This is the Gainax of the 2010s, everybody.

In addition to the 39 new girls on the site, we have a new poll! This one asks which girl you think has the nicest looking eyes. My vote goes to Sawako, but what about you?

Divergent Convergence

by Panadero - August 12, 2014 7:17:45 PM MST

The series included in tonight's update are so dissimilar from each other that the only real thing I can think of that connects them is their very appearance in this update. So let's get started, shall we?

First up, we have the interesting basketball series Hoop Days. Basketball is my favorite sport so I was looking forward to watching my first anime about it, but I came away with mixed feelings. I warmed up to it by the end, but for some reason it didn't dawn on me right away that the same studio who did Initial D did this, given the criminally low budget and reprehensible Eurobeat soundtrack.

Next we have the amazing Infinite Ryvius, a 'hard' sci-fi series about teenagers on a spaceship struggling to stay alive after an attack leaves all the adults dead. The writers covered all the nuances of attempting to keep societal order in the face of varying personalities, external threats, teenage uncertainty, and human nature. To call it 'Lord of the Flies in space' as I've seen it referred to elsewhere does it a disservice. Highly recommended.

Third is Madlax, the second of Bee Train's Girls with Guns trilogy, featuring the intertwining fates of a spacey girl in a peaceful town and the eponymous Madlax, a mercenary living in a war zone. As with El Cazador, I felt it didn't live up to the standard set by Noir, but the second half got me really invested in the characters.

Fourth, we have the cute series Pita Ten about Misha, a nincompoop angel trainee who moves next door to an elementary school boy and immediately grows attached to him. A slice of life comedy with bits of supernatural fun, I became extremely attached to Misha's counterpart Shia, an equally nincompoop trainee demon who is far too sweet to properly do her job.

Lastly, we have the girls from the Vampire Princess Miyu television series to go along with the already included OAV characters. The television series was suitably dark and brooding, with some nice gut-punch conclusions to episodes.

Cute girls abound in these otherwise disparate series and they all deserve votes!

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