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Highest Ranked

  • Yume Kikuchi (8.34)
  • Saeko Busujima (8.30)
  • Haruhi Fujioka (8.26)
  • Suou Pavlichenko (8.25)
  • Mikoto Misaka (8.24)
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Most Votes

  • Ruiko Saten (380)
  • Asuna Yuuki (209)
  • Iwasawa (204)
  • C.C. (164)
  • Holo (144)
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Most Recent Votes

  • Shizuka Marikawa (10)
  • Saya Takagi (10)
  • Alice Maresato (10)
  • Saber (10)
  • Illyasviel von Einzbern (10)
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First Fall Update

by Panadero - September 28, 2015 5:47:53 PM MST

I'm calling it the 'first' update in the hopes that I can get another update out before winter, because I once again must apologize for the lack of new material lately. While there are a couple new series, most of the characters added today belong to series already on the site.

The first of the new series is the decent at best Amazing Nurse Nanako, centering on the titular Nanako and her clumsy stumbling through her employer's mysterious backstory. She herself managed to be equally cute and annoying, but even ignoring the clear fanservice pandering, the OAV never really came together in the end.

The second new series is the most recent KyoAni series, Sound! Euphonium which managed to completely flout my expectations that it would be K-On!: Orchestra Edition. While I can't vouch for the accuracy of the band experience, I can very much relate to the human experience it portrays, and the animation and character designs are standard KyoAni excellence. Wonderful series.

Rounding out the update is new characters from the second seasons of KINMOZA! and Nisekoi, and additions to the Pretty Cure entry to add characters from the super fun HappinessCharge PreCure! and its accompanying movie as well as All Stars New Stage 3.

With that, I leave you to the voting and I'll do my best to get even more updates out soon!

When AGR Updates Became Less Commonplace

by Panadero - May 23, 2015 1:17:10 PM MST

I finally got my act together for an update this Memorial Day weekend. I'll dispense with my normal wordy summaries of all the new entries in lieu of a short list of their names. Most of them are older OAVs with the exception of the last one, which is a recent series.

April Flash of Life

by Panadero - April 3, 2015 7:52:16 PM MST

First of all, I apologize for the lack of regular updates lately. Between life responsibilities and spending an increasing amount of time watching and streaming on Twitch, my anime time has been drastically reduced. Secondly, we have our first update in months!

First is Arcade Gamer Fubuki, a fun OAV from Shaft about how the competitive spirit video games draw out in people - and magic panties. While enjoyable, I'm not exactly in a rush to watch it again.

. Next is Dominion Tank Police, a title I remember watching in bits and pieces close to 20 years ago on Saturday Anime on the Sci-Fi channel. Highly enjoyable and hits all the right notes of nostalgia for me when it comes to anime from that era.

Then we have Katte ni Kaizou, another Shaft OAV production that adapts a previous work of the Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei author. It got off to a rough start for me but started getting better just as it was ending. Pity.

Next is the recommended Maoyu, in which a female 'demon king' and the hero sworn to defeat her unexpectedly unite and try to support the human world from behind the scenes. It had a very Spice and Wolf vibe to it with some sincere messages.

Next is Miyakawa-ke no Kuufuku, a silly short episode length series from the Lucky Star creator about a responsible elementary school girl and her irresponsible otaku older sister.

Then there's Ontama!, a really sweet ONA about a girl who travels back in time in an effort to unite her mother and her birth father so she can be with both of them in the present day.

Next is Popotan, the third Shaft title of this update. Knowing it was based on an adult game, I was expecting vapid fanservice, but even though there were occasional hints at that, there was much more story content then I anticipated, and came away pleasantly surprised.

Last is the entertaining and occasionally harrowing Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, the story of siblings and a guardian who must make their way back home after an enormous earthquake cripples the Tokyo area. Being from an area prone to earthquakes, I could sympathize with the fears the characters dealt with.

With any luck it won't be another handful of months until the update. For now you have 28 more characters to vote on!

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